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Accounting, Audit and Assurance

We handle your Accounting, Audit and Assurance

Accounts production

Grogan and Company specialise in the preparation of financial accounts for limited companies, partnerships, solicitors, sole traders and other organisations. These  accounts are required on an annual basis for compliance purposes and as the basis for completion of corporate and income tax returns.

Accounting advice

We can provide technical audit and accounting advice in accordance with Financial Reporting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards. We also provide book-keeping advice in order to help our clients maintain their source records in accordance with legislative and accounting requirements.

Accounting systems and software advice

We advise clients in relation to the implementation of book-keeping systems and software systems based on their specific requirements and internal resources available to the business. The implementation and operation of an accounting system is critical to a business as it provides access to timely financial information for decision making purposes.

Statutory audit

While audit-exemption thresholds have increased dramatically in recent years, many entities are still required to have their accounts audited, for legal, regulatory, group or other purposes. Our audit planning is designed to enable us to respond to respond to shareholder and management concerns, to identify areas of greatest risk and to improve controls. We use a tailored audit approach for each client specifically addressing the anticipated risks and we focus our testing on these higher risk areas. The result is not only an efficient audit, it is also one that we believe will be effective and add value.

Systems audit

We undertake independent reviews of system controls and operational procedures on behalf of both audit and non-audit clients. We detail our findings, observations and recommendations in our report. The scope of our review is agreed with management prior to the commencement of any engagement.

Management Accounts

Where a client does not have an experienced in-house accountant, we can provide a monthly / quarterly management preparation accounts.

Our accounting, audit and assurance services include

  • Accounts production - audited and audit-exempt
  • Accounting advice
  • Accounting systems and software advice
  • Statutory audit
  • Systems audit
  • Management accounts
  • Book-keeping

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